The Last Days at Phu Loi

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Change Of Command

On the 9th of January 1972, command of the 213th Assault Support Helicopter Company passed from Major Sylvester G. Berdux to Major Ronald J. Piche in a ceremony held in the company area of the 213th A.S.H.C.
The company guidon was passed from Major Berdux to Major Piche by 1SG James C. Fee. The "Black Cat" was presented by WO1 Richard G. Gastrich.
LTC William Lumpkins Jr., 145th Combat Aviation Battalion Commander, and his staff attended the ceremony.

All dates, orders, and events indicated in this text were taken from the last unit report found to date. The report was written by WO1, AV Milton I. Delancy Dated 1 Jan. 72 ----15 Mar. 72
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