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From the 213th Commanding Officer

In the early part of 1972, the Commanding Officer of the 213th A.S.H.C. Maj. Ronald J. Piche wrote this:
Prior to my assumption of command on 9 January 1972 of the 213th Assault Support Helicopter Company, I had encountered on several occasions, the outstanding reputation of the Black Cats of Phu-Loi. After assuming command of the company I quickly realized that the reputation of this unit is well deserved.
It is indeed a rarity to find so many well-qualified personnel working harmoniously together to achieve the goal of mission accomplishment. To have achieved this goal on a day to day basis is highly commendable and noteworthy. Its commander can hardly ask more from any unit. Accordingly, I can ask for little more from the personnel of the 213th.
I have been with the unit only a limited amount of time; yet, I feel it has been quite rewarding to be a part of you for even such a short while. My only regret is that I won't have the opportunity to serve longer with you; yet, I know that the personal pride and dedication so readily expressed will carry each of you to greater heights as either a serviceman or as a civilian.
The Black Cats of Phu-Loi are currently standing down. However I know that the outstanding record we have established will carry on and will serve as a source of personal pride and satisfaction as in the future we look back in retrospect.

Ronald J. Piche

All dates, orders, and events indicated in this text were taken from the last unit report found to date. The report was written by WO1, AV Milton I. Delancy Dated 1 Jan. 72 ----15 Mar. 72
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