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The first quarter of 1972 proved to be relatively easy for the maintenance teams. After adjusting to the accelerated pace of the third and fourth quarters of 1971, the decline of flying hours afforded then the opportunity to correct all the small discrepancies common to a CH-47 while still performing all timed maintenance. With the notification for the stand-down, all maintenance personnel was passed into early replacement of parts and readying aircraft for turn-in. Aided by officers and men from the flight platoon, the work was completed in a minimum amount of time with maximum cooperation.
Maintenance was headed by CPT. Carley and CPT Hatcher with the support of SFC Woods and SFC West. With the outstanding individuals working with them they were able to complete the PMP inspections and any maintenance trouble that came up. Night maintenance was led by WO1 Dan Jewell and SGT John Hielder. With an eight-man crew to assist, the night maintenance team was responsible for completing PMI inspections and repairing any aircraft that required work. While working in adverse weather conditions with a portable light set for illumination, they again proved the capability of night maintenance.
The CH-47 is a powerful workhorse but required long hard hours of skilled maintenance. Even though working around a lack of specialized individuals and the unavailability of parts, all of the maintenance personnel joined together to keep the Black Cats ships flyable. To be especially commended are all the enlisted personnel who continuously rose to meet all the requirements demanded of them. It is quite a tribute to their own inherent leadership capabilities and their willingness to accept the orders and directives given by their officers and NCO's.


The following are projects that were completed during the first quarter of 1972.
  1. Construction of flight line fighting postitions.
  2. Stringing of additional concertina wire around the flight line.
  3. Construction of aircraft steam cleaning and wash rack.
No further construction or facilities improvements were underway due to the stand-down status of the 213th ASHC.

All dates, orders, and events indicated in this text were taken from the last unit report found to date. The report was written by WO1, AV Milton I. Delancy Dated 1 Jan. 72 ----15 Mar. 72
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